04. What is the Strength Sign?

04. What is the Strength Sign?

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The Strength Sign.

The Strength Sign appends to the "Peace Sign" a means in which to achieve Peace. The Peace Sign is a great reminder that peace ought to be pursued. However, if the end goal is peace, what are the means in which to achieve this state?

Surely peace-at-any-cost is not the answer because, with time, that would form an unsustainable cycle of being taken advantage of which ultimately leads to a state of being quite apart from peace. The solution to this problem is obvious, be strong!

In times of dire circumstance, the most influential figures in history turn to a philosophy for guidance in order to overcome the difficulties that presented themselves; the philosophy of strength. Military strategist Sun Tzu is known for his book The Art of War in which he imparts timeless wisdom for "breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." He writes, "if their forces are substantial, prepare for them; if their forces are strong, avoid them." Peace exists for the strong because nobody wants to fight or take advantage of the strong. Therefore, quoting Aristotle, "we make war that we may live in peace." If the goal is peace, strength is the means.

Strength comes in many forms. Military strength may be one of those forms, but it is not the only one. Strength in daily life is needed to combat the daily battles to be encountered. Personal security, physical strength, mental focus and moral soundness all work together to help bring about the peace in life that is sought after. This is what is meant by Peace Through Strength. The Strength Sign products all serve as reminders to keep physically, mentally and morally strong.